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Susan Davies Voice Studio Winter Recital

Get to Know Susan Davies Voice Studio

Welcome to SDVS, a holistic online voice studio serving avocational adult singers, creative professionals, and teenage songsters! You are an equal partner in your journey here, and our mutual goal is to empower your artistic agency. We combine voice science, movement practices, and coaching methods to help you hone your singing craft, experience singing as a whole-body activity, and overcome creative or vocal blocks. Whether you’re a new or experienced singer, we work with you to define and achieve your goals through dedicated, customized support. Playful exploration and evidence-based pedagogy together create space for you to experiment with your voice and understand your entire being as an expressive instrument.

Get to Know Susan

Susan is a singer, educator, and entrepreneur who strives to empower others through her diverse range of skills. Committed to teaching and coaching at the intersections of evidence-based voice pedagogy, movement, physiology, psychology, and artistry, Susan expertly draws from numerous disciplines in order to meet the needs of students. 

Susan founded Susan Davies Voice Studio in 2020, and since 2015, she has served as the primary voice instructor at the Watertown Children’s Theater. Her experience teaching college students and community members through Tufts University further allowed her to support singers of varying ages, skill levels, and backgrounds in pursuit of their personal singing goals.


Through a holistic and multi-modal approach to voice lessons, Susan empowers her students to lead with curiosity, to build problem-solving and stress management skills outside traditional or clinical modalities, and to delight in the ability to use their whole being as an expressive instrument. She views singing as a powerful medium to explore autonomy, self-awareness, personal development, and creative living.


Susan received her Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance from Ithaca College and her Master of Music in Voice Performance from the Longy School of Music of Bard College. She regularly pursues continuing education in topics such as vocal pedagogy, embodied movement, trauma-informed voice teaching, and entrepreneurship.

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