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Voice Lessons & Classes

Where Confidence & Creativity Find Harmony


What it’s about


This is where we settle in and spend time on your voice. Whether you’re a seasoned singer or new to this whole experience, I see you! 


In this studio, singing is the medium we use to grow your musical life AND to empower your self-trust in and out of the studio. This can look like:


  • honing your musicianship skills

  • building mind-body awareness

  • demystifying different styles of singing

  • removing shame around singing


Whatever style of music you like to sing, let’s start with what lights you up!


What to expect


1:1 lessons are 45 minutes and take place online over Zoom. Tuition includes audio, video, and print resources; performance opportunities; alternatives to cancellation; and personalized goal-setting.


Adults may register for the Pop-Up Voice Class, which meets online for 4 weeks on Wednesdays (6:00-7:15pm ET) and includes four 75-minute classes and one 45-minute private lesson.


The studio operates on a tuition model, providing options for weekly or bi-weekly lessons. Drop-in lessons are also available.

Singing is a long-term proposition, and most students take lessons consistently for several years. Consistency is key to accessing the most significant, lasting vocal growth! However, there are package options that honor your need to dip in and out of lessons over time.

Are you curious but unsure if 1:1 lessons are the right fit for you? The Discovery Package includes 4 lessons and your own Google Drive folder packed with resources to support your singing for $425.


If you’re new to lessons, everything starts with a Discovery Call!


In each lesson, we’ll...

  • Use gentle movement to unlock ease and power in your voice

  • Explore the vocal techniques necessary for you to sing the music you love

  • Build joyful, confident, expressive singing into your life!


We also might…

  • Explore new genres of music

  • Prepare for auditions or performances

  • Grow your musicianship skills, like ear training, sight singing, or music theory


Partnership Promise

At Susan Davies Voice, you are an equal partner in your singing journey.


I commit to providing you, to the best of my ability, with the following:

  • a reliable, supportive space to be authentic, creative, expressive, and messy

  • respect for your autonomy as a person, artist, and singer

  • high quality vocal instruction aligned with your goals

  • policies that benefit both of us

  • assumption of positive intent on all sides

  • communication that is clear, consistent, and kind


In return, I hope you will…

  • bring curiosity and an adventurous spirit to your lessons

  • treat the studio experience and me with kindness, respect, and good faith

  • treat yourself and your voice with compassion

  • read studio communications & policies and ask questions if you have any

  • communicate if something is wrong, as clearly and kindly as you can

  • bring a willingness to explore, make mistakes, and try new things that might be a little outside your comfort zone

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