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*Please note that all summer voice lessons take place online via Zoom*

Summer Lessons

Joy, Confidence, Self-Expression


Summer Voice Lesson Package

  • 6 guaranteed one-on-one lessons

  • 2 performing workshops

  • Customized audio, video, print resources

  • Ideal for singers seeking a reliable creative space, performance opportunities, and regular check-ins over the summer

  • 45 or 60 minutes


Drop-In Lessons

  • Book and pay as you go!

  • Option to purchase additional recordings to support singing outside of lessons

  • Ideal for singers seeking periodic vocal check-ins over the summer and intermittent, deep-dive technical work

  • 45 or 60 minutes

In-Person Lessons...

  • Create a specifically designated time & space for your creativity outside of your home

  • Offer real-time voice-piano collaboration, plus the opportunity to use recorded tracks

  • Allow you to work with a teacher in your local community with the skill set & knowledge you need

  • Provide use of the teacher’s lesson props (yoga ball, stretchy band, balance disc, etc.)

  • Foster in-the-room connection between student & teacher

  • Require a commute & logistical planning

  • Provide a holistic approach to singing

Online Lessons...

  • Allow you to take lessons from the comfort & familiarity of your own home

  • Afford you the opportunity to work with a teacher who is a perfect fit for your personality & vocal needs, regardless of location

  • Build ear training skills & offer use of extra tools (screen sharing, apps, microphones, tracks, etc.)

  • Require high-speed internet and at least one device

  • Eliminate commuting time & the need for childcare 

  • Provide a holistic approach to singing

  • Allow you to keep working with a beloved teacher, even if you or they move or travel

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve never taken a voice lesson before. What can I expect?

Welcome! Every voice lesson is tailored to the individual student’s voice, interests, and goals. In the Susan Davies Voice Studio, voice lessons are a space to explore, experiment, ask questions, get curious, and sing in rough draft. Perfection is never the goal! 


In this studio, voice lessons typically consist of 3 parts: physical warmups, vocal exercises, and repertoire. Much of the work we do in voice lessons is based on movement and body awareness, but you are always the ultimate authority on your body and instrument. You can expect to deepen your understanding and awareness of your unique instrument through guided exploration, self-reflection, and playfulness.

Do I need any special equipment for online lessons?

No, you do not need special equipment in order to have a robust online voice lesson. However, you will definitely need reliable, high-speed internet, so that both teacher and student have the clearest connection possible. Zoom has audio settings that we’ll adjust at your first lesson for optimal sound feedback. Typically, Chromebooks have poor audio and video quality that make online lessons difficult, so I would advise using another device for lessons unless you use external equipment. If you’re interested in purchasing a microphone, external speakers, or headphones to enhance your online experience or to practice microphone technique, I would be happy to give you a list of recommendations!

What is a voice studio?

A voice studio is the community of students who study with a particular voice teacher. Without you (the students), the Susan Davies Voice Studio would not exist! Though some students only study one-on-one with the teacher, you are all part of the same studio and singing community, connected by similar experiences through working with the same teacher. If desired, students can tap into this community more actively through participation in studio workshops and recitals, where they can share their creative work more broadly.

What kinds of songs do people sing in this studio?

Students sing all kinds of songs! Though I encourage students to try out many new songs and genres (which helps to build a resilient, flexible voice and an appreciation for all kinds of music), you lead approximately 80% of repertoire choices. Currently, studio members sing everything from musical theater to pop to folk to classical. Some students work on music that they wrote, while others prepare music for school musical auditions. Whatever you sing, make sure you love it and connect with it on an emotional level!

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